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Reception Desk

Types of Reception Desk

The secretary and the reception unit of each organization are responsible for answering questions, providing information to the client, and organizing appointment and answering appointments to the client personally and on the telephone. The countertower should have a large drawer and a large surface, and usually a notebook, telephone, computer and writing equipment are placed on it.

Other important points in the table clerk's arrangement are that the client can not access the documents on the table. The location of this type of table should be such that the customer is merely linked to the manager and has no connection with other employees and their work space and is only directed by the secretary to different parts of the company.


Management Table

Types of modern management tables

Whatever the management desk is beautiful, it's not beautiful until it's standardized in the room. The best way to put the management table in the way is not in front of the entrance door.

If you are still skeptical about the choice of management desk for your company, consult with Arfoni experts and see the various models of the company's management boards.


Conference Table

Types of Conference and Meeting Tables

By sending your experts to your workplace, Arfoni designs the conference table according to your request, in proportion to the space of the conference hall and the number of people.

These conference tables have different designs and colors and have different capabilities.


Expert Desk

Types of Expert business desks

The amount used for personnel should be individually provided with a slider and shelf for storing documents. The bench should also be designed in such a way that the computer can be easily placed on it.

With the innovations that have been made in this regard, the company has been able to cover all of these principles and bring customers with the most advanced equipment.


Administrative File

Wardrobe, drawer and office file format

Arfoni office cabinets and office files have a wide range of products, the archive cabinet does not have the same dimensions and size, as designed by your organization. In order to order your archival file products and office desks, you need to share the design and the needs of your salespeople with the best selling ideas.


Furniture and set management

Types of Tables and Furniture and Modern Management Sets

These days, in addition to increasing the equipment of the management room and the need for larger management tables, we see the use of a variety of materials, including glass, steel, MDF, HDF and ... to build a variety of management desk. Also, the use of modern designs is another feature of the new management tables. In the past, the management desk was built with simple designs, while these days the diversity of dimensions, design, form and structure are among the most important features of management tables.

In short, the durability, beauty and standardization in terms of ergonomics are the hallmarks of today's management tables, which Arfoni Company has covered with all these innovations with innovation.


Workstation Table

Type of Workstation Table

The workgroup table for optimizing and dividing up small office spaces by utilizing the combination of modular tables and aluminum separators allows each employee to have their own private space at the lowest cost.

  • Easy to change in layout
  • Observance of standards and ergonomics in design
  • Ability to select material type or partition filler
  • Utilizing modern profiles for electric cables, telephones and networks

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