Mission and organizational values

Mission and organizational values


Given the target market and the personality defined by the Arfoni brand, high quality is the most important and key component in maintaining and protecting advertising and brand building activities. The quality of all products and services that in a way interact with the audiences and the outside world of the organization must be as high as possible. Controls must be strictly enforced and there should be no tolerance regarding the quality of products and services produced. The high quality of the product guarantees good brand reputation in the competitive components, and low quality will cause serious damage to all brand features and attributes. Qualitative characteristics are divided into three groups of qualitative product coordinates, qualitative coordinates of service, and returned acceptance:

  1. Qualitative coordinates of product 

    The coordinates of all products and components that are in any way in contact with the audiences of the organization. The monitoring of the quality coordinates of the products and the limits of the acceptable coordinates in the method of inspection and testing are described. The high quality of the products will lead to a higher sense of quality and a sense of glamour for the audiences.


B) Quality Coordinates of Services

The coordinates of service delivery are divided into two groups of procedures and personnel:

  1. Procedures

    It is referred to the methods and procedures for providing services related to organizational contacts. The effectiveness and efficiency of services provided to customers should be constantly monitored and remove the weakness. All methods and procedures for providing services to an organization’s audience should be targeted and implemented at a level above the average target audience (and not at their expected level). This will lead to a high class sense and glamour of audience.

  1. Personnel

    The way that services are provided to the organizational audiences by the personnel should be mentioned in the item related to the personnel’s coordinates and monitored continuously.


    C) Acceptance of the returned products

    Considering the personality intended for the Arfoni brand, acceptance of the returned products must be subject to planned and easy-to-follow conditions that are described in detail in the inspection and test execution procedure. Planned and easy-to-follow conditions for accepting the returned products offer a higher sense of quality in the organization’s audiences.

Given the targeted market as well as market positioning, the use of individual pricing in pricing methods for products and services is imperative. The full discussion of pricing, along with the methods and analysis involved, is detailed in the marketing plan. Individual pricing will be associated with a higher sense of quality and charms in the audience of the organization.

The customer’s welfare characteristics are classified into three groups: access, information and physical well-being:

  1. Access

    Due to the targeted market and positioning, there is not much need for quick and easy access to the physical location of the company. In this area, the validity and acceptance of the firm’s location has priority to its easily accessible. This location finds a sense of higher class, charms, and femininity to the audience. But the fast accessible, efficient, and personalized infrastructure must be predicted and provided specifically and in a calculated way. These communication channels are associated with a higher sense of quality and charming for audiences.

  1. Notification

    The need for calculated, intelligent, and efficient customer information about all stages of the implementation process as well as pre and post marketing plans is one of the key points in customer service welfare. This process is associated with a higher sense of quality, and charming to the audiences.

  1. Physical well-being

    Paying attention to the physical well-being of customers is a priority of the company’s plans and actions to provide a decent image of the company to customers. The design process of sales office decoration, welcoming audiences, reception, waiting, escorting and other areas of physical well-being of customers should be fully integrated into all company activities. This process is associated with a higher sense of quality, charms and femininity to the audiences and plays a significant role in brand image.

    The intelligent use of office furniture and partition in the office space layout provides a modern, beautiful and comfortable environment that allows you to turn your work environment into a pleasant office.

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