Message CEO

– Message from Managing Director of Arfoni Office Furniture Co.

Nowadays, the main drivers of corporate and business success are commitment, expertise, creativity, and respect for the demands of customers, and those companies will be successful that be able to listen to the comments and requests of the customers carefully and accurately, and then combine them with knowledge and new technology and create a lasting effect.
So, if today Arfoni is seen as a symbol of distinction and trust and if customers consider creativity to be our key advantage, it was due to the years of experience and leadership in the office furniture industry.

Helping by Almighty Allah and the efforts of Arfoni Managers and Staff were our most important backing in this way and undoubtedly, preserving the past perspectives and aligning with the changes and challenges ahead, requires a comprehensive view of all the contributing factors, the continuous improvement of quantitative and qualitative products and the use of new knowledge and technologies.
Now Arfoni has started a new step in business, has promoted quality improvement and has set customer satisfaction as its most important mission.
So, it’s better today and in complete peace of mind to write our wishes and plan to reach them. Because, all the good things will happen in perfect calm.

Peiman Pajouhandeh

Managing Director

Arfoni Office Furniture Co.