Goals and principles of work

Goals and principles of work


One of the most important bases of customer-oriented principles is to adhere to the obligations, quality, differentiation of services and timely delivery of goods to customers.

In this regard, in order to achieve the above-mentioned goals, Arfoni has put its values and norms at the forefront, which, while providing maximum customer satisfaction, will bring mental relaxation and job satisfaction to all clients of the Arfoni family.

These are the moral beliefs and values of the Arfoni Company. We believe that these beliefs and values determine the kind of relationship that we make with our customers; therefore, we have been confederate on the need for full respect and adherence to all our customers in the path of individual growth and excellence.

We commend our cherished customers and try to provide them with distinctive services and we always appreciate your loved presence to our complex.

In Arfoi we have considered the following objectives:

  1. Customer-oriented and customer satisfaction based on offering a wide range of unique products, as well as prompt and timely delivery of services, high quality and reasonable prices.
  2. Promoting the level of knowledge and skills of employees through training and transfer of knowledge at all levels of the organization.
  3. Developing incentive schemes for public participation in order to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.
  4. Continuous follow-up and monitoring the process of entering and changing new technologies in developed countries and continuous studies and researches in order to choose their best and most consistent ones to expand, generalize and deploy it in Iran.
  5. Maximum use of engineering power and domestic products in order to localize technology and global knowledge.
  6. Providing a safe and environmentally friendly work environment.

    In order to achieve the stated objectives and continuous improvement and effectiveness of quality management systems, the management and staff of this company have chosen the quality management standard as their basis and framework and believe that following this model and commitment to comply with its requirements, will be an important step towards continuous and more excellence of our organization.